City of Morrow
1500 Morrow Rd.
Morrow, GA 30260

Morrow Police Department Citizen Opinion Survey

1. Do you live in Morrow?   
         What is your zip code?    
         What is the name of your neighborhood?    

2. What was your age at your last birthday?   

3. In the last year, do you think crime in your neighborhood has    

4. In general, have you limited or changed your activity in the past few years due to your fear of crime?    

5. Is your neighborhood so dangerous that you have considered moving?   

6. How worried are you about the following problems in your neighborhood?
      Having your home broken into?   
      Walking through your neighborhood?   
      Driving through your neighborhood?   
      Your child's exposure to danger:   
      Your child's exposure to drugs:   
      At night do your worries   

7. What do you think of the crime level in your neighborhood?   

8. Do you think you are safe in your neighborhood?    

9. Compared to other neighborhoods your neighborhood is   

10. Overall, compared to other neighborhoods, your neighborhood is   

11. Is your neighborhood a good place to live?   

12. Do you think the Morrow Police Department needs to provide more services in your neighborhood?    

13. Do you think a community policing program is needed in your neighborhood?   

14. Do you think it would be helpful to have police officers on foot and bike patrol in your neighborhood?   

15. What do you think about attending meetings concerning problems in your neighborhood with members of the Morrow police department?    

16. What do you perceive as problems in your neighborhood?
      Abandoned or burned out buildings   
      Cars speeding or screeching tires   
      Drug dealers operating openly   
      Loud music from homes   
      Parking or traffic problems   
      Prostitutes roaming your neighborhood   
      Run-down buildings   
      Stray or noisy animals   
      Unsafe or unsanitary housing   
      Vandalism or graffiti   
      Car horns, music, alarms   
      Dilapidated streets and sidewalks   
      Dumping in vacant lots   
      Fighting in neighborhood streets   
      Poor street lighting   
      Public drunkenness or intoxication   
      Strangers trespassing   
      Stripped or abandoned cars   
      Unsupervised children   
      Juvenile delinquency   

17. What is your opinion of the Morrow Police Department?   

18. Please rate the following questions on a scale of 1-10; one (1) being the lowest and ten (10) being the highest.
      Overall agency performance   
      Overall competence of agency employees   

19. Please give detailed information based on the following:

      Citizens' perception of officers' attitudes and behavior

      Community concern over safety and security within the agency's service area

      Citizens' recommendations and suggestions for improvements

20. Please include any other comments you may have